LOVE LOVE  A Virus Pandemic Play 

"Each person I passed might
 grab me
 shoot me
 take my supplies
 —my worst fear—
 touch me,
 pull off my mask
 breath on me
 make me sick."
LOVE LOVE: With Darkness Descending

Length:  full-length (120 minutes)

Characters: Kit, Von, Helen, Carter, Ugene the Computer, Wayne the Cockroach

Genre:  Tragedy


If history is written by the winners, then things don't look good for the humans when Wayne the Cockroach takes over the narration of this play halfway through the first act. LOVE LOVE follows a handful of survivors—barricaded in their house, out at sea in a boat, and traveling across the galaxy in search of a new planet to call home, as they fight for life and love after a virus wreaks devastation across the Earth. 

Selection: NEWvember Play Festival reading, 2015. Tangent Theatre, Tivoli, NY.