LAST LOVE Synopsis with Spoilers

A World-at-War Tragic Comedy


Charles returns to the house the next day with his new love interest, Sally, who turns out to be Jim’s ex-fiancé.


A bitter battle ensues between the two new couples, resulting in shattered walls and climaxing in an intense sexual battle that explodes all of the relationships.


In the ashes, Sally and Jim reunite and leave for a nearby resort island.

Micahel Saenz and Gloria McDonald.

 Charles and Lucida burn their accumulated marriage memories in an industrial barrel.


After a brief, nostalgic fireside puppet show over the barrel, they hop into their moving trucks and head off in opposite directions. 


A Chinese Delivery Man attempts to deliver an order of General Tso’s Chicken. Finding the home abandoned, he eats the meal himself.


As he eats he cautions the audience about the consequences of insisting on getting your way at all costs.


"Nobody likes to be ordered around."


 The delivery man leaves in search of a date.

Michael Wu as the Chinese Delivery Man.


Charles and Lucida stagger back into their house.


A terrorist bomb has gone off on the resort island nearby, the air is toxic, and the highways are clogged with cars of people trying to escape.


They put on their emergency suits and masks and attempt to speak open-heartedly to one another again.

Mojo Theatre. Photos: Micah Stieglitz.


On the eve of their five-year wedding anniversary, Charles challenges Lucida’s commitment to their marriage by inviting over their handsome friend Jim.


Unconvinced, Charles storms out of the house, daring Lucida and Jim to have sex.


They slip away from the prying spotlights of the Homeland Defense helicopters to make love in the bedroom.

Jonathan Bender and Kimerly Lester, Mojo Theatre.