LOST LOVE - A Climate Change Play - Tragic Comedy

Length:  full-length (120 minutes)

Characters:  Jan, Barb, Tito, Mitzy, Brooding French Art Film Guy

Genre:  Climate Change Tragic Comedy


Lost Love follows two pairs as they battle for survival and love in a world on the brink. The waters are rising fast in this global warming world and everyone and everything is melting down.


Mitzy, a waterlogged, wedding-day bride is trapped on a mountaintop with Tito, a streetwise, Zen-wise parking valet after violent flooding rips through her wedding. Outside of the flood's reach, another storm is brewing. Barb has cheated on her longtime partner, Jan, whose explosive grief is shaking their house to pieces.


Another torrential storm is on its way. Can these couples find their way back to love in time to save the human race?


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Read a pdf copy of the play here.

LOST LOVE - "The Final 100 Years"

"A smart, silly gem..."  ~TimeOut Chicago 


"A little jewel of an existentialist comedy..."  ~Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian


"The best cabin-fever housewife since Tony Kushner’s Harper Pitt..."  ~Lisbeth Redfield, Chicago Maroon 


"Damned if playwright Peter Papadopoulos hasn't woven together wildly disparate but topical threads in Lost Love that somehow reflect the information-loaded emotional breakdown that typifies our historical moment. "  ~Quinton Skinner, Minneapolis/St Paul City Pages


"A charming play..."  ~Loyola Phoenix


Selection: Hypatia Theatre New Play Symposium


Finalist: Kitchen Dog Theater New Works Festival, Bloody Unicorn Queer Women's Play Festival,                     Northern Kentucky University Y.E.S. New Play Festival


Brooding French Art Film Guy attacks