LOST LOVE Synopsis with Spoilers

A Cimate Change Tragic Comedy


Several states away the pragmatic Barb comes home from work to find that her firebrand partner, Jan, has sold off the entire contents of their house and filled it with yard plants.


Jan, distraught that Barb has cheated on her, is seeking a new, primitive connection to herself, her partner, and the world by removing the clutter of material goods from their life. 



This ascetic goal has been spurred on by the global warming documentary she has been watching on TV, as well as the increasingly frequent bedroom visits from its narrator, the Brooding French Art Film Guy.


Barb announces that even though she knows what she did was wrong, there is nothing more she can do to help the situation, and so she is leaving. Her pronouncement, however, is interrupted by the helicopter arrival of Mitzy and Tito.


Jan, in a drunken state of mourning, has apparently pledged to a telethon that she would take in these survivors. 


Barb decides to stay and help the evacuees cope in their now empty house, and she orders them pizza for dinner. Tito clashes with Jan's imaginary mentor, the Brooding French Art Film Guy.

A great storm is brewing outside the house. When the one-armed soldier Pizza Boy finally makes his way through torrential rain and washed out roads to their doorstep in the middle of the night, these lost souls are awakened from bed to once again collide with the grim reality of this world teetering on the brink. 

Bedlam Theatre Minneapolis & Mojo Theatre San Francisco. Photos: Brad Dahlgaard & Micah Stieglitz.


Mitzy, a ditzy, waterlogged, wedding-day bride, is stranded on a mountaintop with Tito, her new-age parking valet.


The wedding has been overrun by floodwaters and the rest of the guests have disappeared in the sudden disaster.


Tito and Mitzy attempt to overcome their personal differences, deal with the loss of loved ones, and look for a way out of their dire circumstances.